Christmas (Baby Please Don't Go)

from by Lee

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there were two girls who were dead and in love. since one had been young and alive her dream had been to become a police officer or CEO but her family listened to NPR and mistrusted the capitalist prison industrial complex: they were proud to have a gay daughter but embarrassed and ashamed of their gay daughter's normative intentions. holidays therefore were stressful. people drank too much, got too honest. last christmas, the two girls had left the liberal parents' house in a drunken and frustrated snit, lost control of their car on black ice, and died crashing into the old train bridge where St John Street meets Park Avenue. this year the girl whose dreams had become impossible in a cloud of burnt oil shattered glass and melted rubber was excited to haunt her family and ruin their christmas but the other girl, her girlfriend, who had barely ever had a family, was afraid to come and haunt too. she was nervous she'd be so angry that she'd turn poltergeist and kill everyone. all year she encouraged her girlfriend to go haunting though: go, she said, have fun, get revenge. she was happy to spend christmas by herself haunting their old, abandoned cabin in the woods outside lewiston. but when it came time for her girlfriend to leave, she panicked. she didn't want to spend her first christmas dead alone. baby, she said. please don't go.


from Christmas // Devil Town, released November 20, 2012




Correspondences Portland, Maine

Correspondences was a doom metal band consisting of three queer women playing bass, drums and cello. We existed in Portland Maine from autumn 2011 to winter 2012 and broke up because of geography.

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